Monday, June 30, 2014

New Anti-Revenge Pornography Book Available from

The Revenge Pornography Victim's Guide to Removing Pictures from the Internet, by Attorney Kyle Bristow, is available for purchase in the United States from at this link, in Germany from at this link, and in the United Kingdom from at this link.  (Please note, however, that the book is in English.)


The Revenge Pornography Victim's Guide to Removing Pictures from the Internet was written by Kyle Bristow, Esq., an attorney who has assisted women who have been victimized by revenge pornography websites. This book explains how to find content online and how to seek its removal or suppress it in search engine results.

Since becoming a licensed lawyer in Ohio and Michigan, the author has acquired experience in and significant recognition for his accomplishments in Internet law. After getting two revenge pornography websites shut down on behalf of clients and assisting another lawyer with destroying a third website, he was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire Magazine, ABA Journal, Katie Couric's "Katie" television talk show, the Colorado Springs Independent, and two local television news stations.

The ABA Journal quoted a prominent attorney in their feature article about revenge pornography who claimed that Bristow is one of only "four or five" lawyers in the entire country knowledgeable of this area of law.


Kyle Bristow has been a vital ally to me and to victims across the country in our fight to stop the posting of “revenge porn.” He has been willing to stand up and fight for victims’ privacy when very few others would. Once personal photos have been published, getting them removed is a daunting and overwhelming task. As victims, we have all faced that moment when we felt defeated and that nothing could be done. This book not only gives hope that something can be done, but also serves as a guide on where to start fighting back and the steps necessary to regaining your privacy.

Hollie Toups,
Revenge pornography victim who sued and launched a social movement to combat revenge pornography.

I have known Kyle Bristow for over eight years, and I have always been impressed with his intellect and his creativity. As attorneys, we started fighting revenge pornography together in 2012, and Bristow is now one of the experts in the field. This excellent and easy-to-use guide provides outstanding advice for the laymen who has fallen victim to this pestilence. In short, a book like this will help one banish the revenge pornography rats to the cesspools from whence they came.

This scourge began mercilessly settling in the Internet earlier that year and revenge pornographers made themselves unwelcome in all corners of cyberspace. Although they may be no different from us in body, they differ from us above all in soul. We probably would never had been bothered by them if they had simply stayed home all day masturbating to goat porn. However, their need to terrorize innocent young women makes them comparable to a similarly vile animal: the rat.

Rats have been parasites on mankind since the very beginning. Wherever rats turn up, they carry destruction to the land by destroying mankind’s Good while nourishing plagues such as cholera, dysentery,and Typhoid fever. They are cunning, cruel, and first appeared in massive hordes. Just as the rat is the lowest of the animals, so is the revenge pornographer the lowest of mankind.

Jason Van Dyke,
Texan attorney who sued the website operators of, a revenge pornography website.