Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Press Release

May 22, 2013

Kyle J. Bristow, Esq.
Associate Attorney, France Law Group
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Toledo, OH 43617
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Lawyer proposes law to make website hosts liable for tortious conduct of users

Toledo, Ohio – Ohio Internet lawyer Kyle J. Bristow of the Toledo-based France Law Group, LLC, has called on the United States Congress to amend the Communications Decency Act so that computer service providers that permit revenge pornography websites to be hosted can be civilly sued or criminally prosecuted under state or federal law.  Attorney Bristow sent letters to all thirty-nine members of the U.S. Congress Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on May 22, in which he proposed an amendment to the Communications Decency Act.
Revenge pornography is a recent phenomenon in which pornographers post onto the Internet nude images of American women—and their home addresses and contact information—without their consent.  The victims of such websites often experience severe depression, job and relationship loss, reputational injury, and a significant increase of being raped by a stranger who frequents revenge pornography websites.  It is common for victims of these websites to receive hundreds of unwanted emails, text messages, and phone calls from strangers who find their images online.  The cyber-harassment is omnipresent and lasts indefinitely.
Under current federal law, the companies that permit revenge pornographers to host websites are immune from civil suit and criminal prosecution.  Attorney Bristow seeks to have this changed so that irresponsible companies can be brought to justice for being complicit in the victimization of American women.
Since becoming a lawyer, Attorney Bristow has become nationally recognized as being at the forefront on the war on revenge pornography.  To date, he has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire Magazine, and a television news program; he has launched a website to bring attention to the plague of revenge pornography; he has represented numerous victims of revenge pornography; and his legal efforts have resulted in two notorious revenge pornography websites being permanently shut down.
“It is time for Congress to act,” Attorney Bristow said.  “Death to revenge pornography.”