Saturday, March 9, 2013

Website launch

This website will report on how lawyers and advocates are attacking the revenge pornography industry.
Revenge pornography is a recent phenomenon in which pornographers post nude images of women without their consent onto the Internet, along with their full legal names and contact information so that third parties can harass them.  Furthermore, by publicly posting this information online, the women often suffer reputational injury whenever a prospective love interest or employer conducts a Google search of their name.  Revenge pornography subjects women to severe emotional injury, pecuniary loss if they lose their job or need to see a therapist, and a significant likelihood of being raped by a stranger.
Nude images of women are often acquired by their boyfriends and husbands as "sext messages."  If the relationship ends, the jilted former lovers sometimes forward the images on to revenge pornography websites for vindictive reasons.
Although revenge pornography is a recent phenomenon, it has been aggressively attacked in recent months by numerous lawyers throughout the United States.  Said Attorney Kyle Bristow of the France Law Group, "The days of the revenge porn industry are limited. . . . The house of cards is coming down."